The 5 reasons why so many people had not mastered French in 2020.

If you’ve had the project of learning or mastering French for a while, but you feel like you are not good with languages or that you can’t find the time to learn, relax, you are not alone. As we work to understand and guide our students, we always ask them what they perceived as the reasons why they had not learned or mastered French before.

Tips to learn French at home

Many useful activities can be carried out while having to remain at home. If one that interests you is learning French, have a look at some fun and useful tips that will help you practice and improve.

5 books to learn or improve your French

There is no shortage of ways to improve your French. Getting into the habit of reading books in Voltaire's language is an interesting solution to consider. It allows readers to improve their language skills while at the same time enjoying the work of French-speaking authors. Nevertheless, before diving into a new book in French, our wonderful teachers always recommend that students start with a book they have already read in their native language to avoid the frustration of not being able to follow the thread of a story.

5 advantages of learning French online

Without having to leave your home, you will be able to progress step by step by benefiting from the expertise of certified teachers and the numerous online resources at your disposal.

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