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Annual Training Cheque (CAF)

Would you like to learn French in Geneva? Take advantage of the Annual Training Cheque!

Swiss French School Switzerland is an EDUQUA certified centre, which allows us to offer you the possibility of financing part of your French course with the Annual Training Cheque, commonly referred to as Chèque Annuel de Formation (CAF).

What is the CAF or Chèque Annuel de Formation?

The Annual Training Cheque (CAF) is an annual cheque, issued by the State of Geneva, of the value of CHF 500, which can be used to finance your French courses. The aim of this subsidy is to encourage the professional development of adults by offering them financial support for their training.

Who is eligible for the Annual Training Cheque (CAF)?

The Annual Training Cheque (CAF) is granted to adults who have been paying taxes in the canton of Geneva for at least one year at the time of the start of the requested training, for courses lasting a minimum of 40 hours. Depending on the type of training you are looking for, you can benefit from the CAF for three consecutive years or just once.

To find out more about how to obtain the Annual Training Cheque (CAF), its conditions of use and its advantages, please consult the official page of the State of Geneva by clicking here.

If you wish to apply online for the CAF, you can visit the following link by clicking here.

If you need help filling in your application or if you wish to obtain additional information, our language consultants will be happy to guide you through the process. Please note that the application for the Annual Training Cheque must be submitted before the start of the course to be accepted.

Learn French with the Annual Training Cheque (CAF)

In order to get a job in Switzerland, it is an advantage to have a good level of French. But not only, learning French has many other advantages. It can also help you feel more at ease when traveling to a French-speaking country or help you get into the university of your dreams.

Have you ever dreamed of speaking French fluently? The CAF can be used to finance all or part of your French courses to achieve your goals! Take advantage of this financial aid to master a language that is essential on the job market and can open up new horizons, both professionally and personally.

Swiss French School courses are accessible everyone, no matter what your level is, and they will allow you to progress efficiently, at your own pace. You can choose a course that is 100% adapted to your needs, weather you choose a standard French course, online or in person, a private or semi-private course, an intensive course or if you wish to prepare for an exam (DELF, DALF and FIDE).

All our French courses are based on a unique method which is inspired by the way you learned your mother tongue: 65% of the time you will be listening and practicing oral French, and 35% of the time you will be writing in French. With its 97% success rate, the Swiss French School method has proven to be successful for many learners, from beginners to advanced French speakers: why not you?

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