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French course fees

Invest in a guaranteed result!

Get a personalized price without commitment.

At Swiss French School, we are committed to providing you with a price based on your personal goals and results, rather than a number of lessons. We will support you until you reach, or surpass, the level you are aiming.

How do we calculate the price of your French course?

Level analysis

Your language consultant will determine your level with an official test based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You will receive an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a detailed analysis of your level.

Your goals and availability

Your personal consultant will discuss your goals and reasons for learning in order to establish the French language training program that best suits you: group courses with a teacher, private lessons, intensive courses, online courses are all possible choices available to our students. So whether you want to learn French for work, for travelling, to prepare for an French exam or for personal reasons, you will be provided with a customized training program that will allow you to reach your goal no matter the circumstances.

Training plan and French course fees

After taking into account all the information, we will give you a fixed price and a personalized plan that will allow you, week after week, to reach your objective. Would you like to know more about the French courses that we offer? Please contact us!

A complete French course

Whether you choose to learn on line or at school, you will have access to courses with our qualified French teachers as well as to numerous exercises and online resources.

Maximum flexibility

Plan your courses according to your schedule, to your pace and to you goals. You can still enjoy your leisure time!

Repeat lessons for free

Learn at your own pace with your tailor-made program. If you need to repeat a lesson, you can do so for free!

Guaranteed results

By being able to repeat your lessons for free, you'll reach your objective, no matter how fluent you are in the language.

No wasted lessons

If you need to cancel a lesson you will be able to reschedule it automatically at no additional cost!

Develop your communication skills

Speak over 60% of the time thanks to our Social Club activities and our small classes of an average of 3 students per class.

Certified training

Certified fide testing center.

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