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French School in Neuchâtel

Ideally located in Neuchâtel city center, 100m from the lake and close to public transportation.

Learn French in Neuchâtel

In our training center ideally located in downtown Neuchâtel, take French courses according to your rhythm, your needs, your objectives and your availability by the week, in face-to-face or distance learning!

Our recognized method aims to optimize your learning of French. This is why our courses are composed of French classes given by certified teachers, conversation classes, exercises, etc.

Who is the French course for?

Anyone who wants to! The course is intended for people looking for a job or a qualification in the professional world, for students wishing to take a recognized exam to enter a university in a French-speaking country or to go on a linguistic stay, for anyone wishing to enrich their vocabulary and improve their oral and written skills, etc.

Our teachers are here to help you improve at your own pace!


Rue du Bassin 12, Neuchâtel, 2000, Switzerland

Opening time

Sa : on request

Contact us

T: 0327251820

French courses available in Neuchâtel:

I recommend it to everyone!

“Very good school, amaizing team. I recommend it to everyone!”

Besma E.
Star Star Star Star Star

"Very useful"

“I was looking for exactly such an approach to learning French. The workshops are useful and the teaching sessions are rather fun. Rachel is great!!”

Sampoorna R.
Star Star Star Star Star

"Teachers were good and interactive"

“Teachers were good, interactive and interested”

Frederique S.
Star Star Star Star Star

Great school!

“Great school!”

Salva V.
Star Star Star Star Star

"Excellente école."

“Excellente équipe, compétent et humaine. Merci bien!”

Paula R.
Star Star Star Star Star

"Useful Conversation Classes"

“The method is interesting but where I believe to receive real value is when attending the conversation classes. During the conversation classes I can meet and exchange with diversified people with different cultures.”

Claude O.
Star Star Star Star Star



Rodrigo M.
Star Star Star Star Star

Great school

“Great course, it allows to fit all the lessons in a busy schedule.”

Anna Zaborowska
Star Star Star Star Star

I am very thankful to the Swiss French School

“I am very satisfied with the facilities of this course. It is the best course i have ever attended in my life. The method is really efficient and useful. I loved the atmosphere that you provided for the students. I am very thankful to the Swiss French School to provide me one month trial. I really appreciate it. In one month, i really feel the difference. Now, i am more willing to learn and try to speak french.”

Star Star Star Star Star

"Great school to learn French"

“I went through different types of languages schools and methods of learning French in Geneva ( at least 3 another schools). Now I can honestly tell that the Swiss French School is one of the best. The management listens to your suggestions and demands, teachers are excellent, by the end of my study i felt like at home. If you are looking for a long term and good learning of French , then go for it. I would recommend only this school.”

Radmilla M.
Star Star Star Star Star

"I only had positive experiences"

“I only had positive experiences with all my interactions at the Swiss French School. Keep it up!”

Monique (.
Star Star Star Star Star

"The good feeling is in this school"

“Thank you very much, and I feel very professional education system,very friendly staff and teacher!”

Tony Z.
Star Star Star Star Star

"Fun learning"

“This is such a great way to improve upon my French skills. The teachers are enthusiastic and encouraging. All support staff are friendly, caring and helpful. The classes are fun and I always come away from each one feeling renewed!”

Grainne A.
Star Star Star Star Star

The teachers are very helpful and kind.

“Everything is great. I like the system to learn to do your homeworks befor the class. The teachers are very helpful and kind. I like the socialclub activities”

Riccardo Andina
Star Star Star Star Star

"Staff always extremely polite"

“I find the staff of your school always extremely polite and willing to help, accommodating, positive in attitude and demeanor. It was also very important that at first call the course was reshaped according to my needs. Thank you”

Nina B.
Star Star Star Star Star

"I have learn a lot"

“I have learn a lot and I had time for only two weeks despite of I can use the time very good. The teachers are super and they teach very creative and good.”

Sarah A.
Star Star Star Star Star

"All the teachers are awesome"

“All the teachers are awesome especially Chloe and Marjorie”

Annyaka L.
Star Star Star Star Star

"Excellent travail"

“Je suis très content de l'excellent travail de l'école”

Ana P.
Star Star Star Star Star

"French language student"

“The Swiss French School program suits me very well. The fact that I can take my courses in a flexible manner falls within my wishes for this reason I have not found a match to SFS. Here, I can comfortably say Excellent.”

Rosemary M.
Star Star Star Star Star

"My opinion"

“I had excellent time learning French during my stay in Geneva I plan to continue on my next assignment, hopefully shortly,”

Shubhendu M.
Star Star Star Star Star

"High level of professionalism"

“A very friendly environment with high level of professionalism. The professors makes sure that students understand each lesson and of course attending the workshops really helps to practice not only in grammatical way but also in pronunciation. Not to mention the friendly receptionists who do their best to schedule the lessons according to students' availability.”

Racene R.
Star Star Star Star Star

"Awesome school"

“Unfortunately i don't have much free time to go to the school, but the online program compenses it a lot.”

Guilherme A.
Star Star Star Star Star

"I'm pretty satisfied "

“I'm pretty satisfied with my experience with the teachers and staff at SFS.”

Bindiya D.
Star Star Star Star Star


“The instructors are first rate and thorough. I have signed up for six more months.”

Christine F.
Star Star Star Star Star

Very easy to progress!

“I am very happy with the course, nice atmosphere, very easy to progress.”

Star Star Star Star Star

Weekly breakfasts are enjoyable

“We very much enjoyed the studying with the Swiss French School. The flexibility of the lessons allowed us to progress at our own pace. The tutors were very friendly, helpful and patient and we were always made to feel welcome in the school. The school also provided a good environment for studying. We did not make a lot of use of the grammar workshops but found the weekly breakfasts most enjoyable and useful. Covid-19 did have an impact on the course both on us personally as we both got sick and on the school as the breakfasts had to be stopped and the teaching moved to Zoom. Our time lost being sick was very kindly made up by a free extension to our package. We started with the Rosetta Stone software and moved to Speexx and Moodle when this was introduced. Rosetta Stone and Speexx we found easy to use and helpful but Moodle seems awkward and time consuming. Overall a very positive experience and thanks to all at the Swiss French School.”

James Moncur
Star Star Star Star Star

Absolutely happy with this experience

“Excellent teachers display their superb pedagogical expertise to make students understand and acquire the new language in a very dynamic and attractive way. Teaching methodology provides outstanding learning results. Counselors and assistants are always at hand to provide support. I'm absolutely happy with the command of the French language I've acquired at the Swiss French School.”

Miriam A.
Star Star Star Star Star
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