French courses designed for business

Each participant is individually tested to allow us to determine current knowledge in French and subsequently to establish an educational programme tailored to his personal needs. Your employees can start the course at any time, as soon as their work schedule permits it.

French, English and German

Working closely with the world leader of English, Wall Street English, and with the Swiss German School, we offer fully integrated solutions for the French, English and German with a single point of contact.

Courses take place, according your choice:

  • in our centres,
  • at your company
  • online: participants can deepen their knowledge online, 24h / 24, 7days / 7.

Your benefits

méthode swiss french school

The swiss French school method

A flexible and customised approach to meet the needs and availability of students. Everyone progresses at their own pace and according to his own schedule.

cours sur mesure

Customised courses

We identify the needs of each participant and define with you the course content, in order to propose a suitable programme.


Maximum flexibility

Students choose the course of hours depending on their availability and are not subject to fixed schedules.


Maximum return on investment

Buy results, not course hours! We offer a price calculated according to the targets set. Our individualised monitoring system ensures you achieve them.

Contact Us

“Myself or one of my colleagues will be happy to have a short no-obligation chat with you about your level of French and how our unique learning method can help you reach your goals.”

Alexandra Beffre, Educational consultant

« Today I am very happy & thankful to all of the staff, from reception desk to all the professors for helping me out in every step of the way. A special thanks to my language consultant who helped me enroll to all the classes with short notice. THANK YOU SO MUCH.»

Anjali R., Geneva

Thank you. We will contact you soon.

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