How do I choose the right French course for me?

There are numerous ways to study or improve French today, but what is the best course for you? Here is some advice about choosing the right solution if you decide to learn French.

Going to a restaurant and ordering food in French

Discovering a new country also means discovering its gastronomy! From food trucks to the tables of great restaurants, whatever your destination country, mastering French will undoubtedly be useful. Whether it's ordering your dish, informing the waiter of your allergens or expressing your desire to eat Japanese tonight, discover the French vocabulary words and expressions you need to know in restaurants!

At the hotel: booking a room in French

Discover useful vocabulary and expressions for booking a room and staying in a hotel in French! After deciding to go on a trip abroad, you have just arrived at your destination after a long journey, once you reach the hotel, you can finally put your bags down and enjoy your stay. But for this, you will have to go through the ordeal of making a reservation or, failing that, checking in at the reception desk. Don't worry, this exercise is child's play as long as you are familiar with the right words and expressions.

Flying and booking a flight in French

To discover foreign countries, it is often necessary to go through the airport. Regardless of your destination, it is likely that you will need to speak French to book your flight, check in your luggage or present yourself at the boarding gate. It will be essential to know the vocabulary and expressions that are useful for communicating with the staff and avoiding possible disappointments that could spoil your trip!

Tips for a successful job interview in French

If you are looking for a new job or want to improve your professional situation in Switzerland, chances are you will need to pass a job interview in French. But how do you go about it? What are the keys to a successful interview in French?

8 good reasons to learn French

There are many reasons to learn French. Whether your goals are personal or professional, to reinforce your knowledge or to move abroad, French remains an accessible language for English speakers and can open many doors for you. Here are 8 common reasons why you might want to learn the language of Victor Hugo.

Senior: why learn French in retirement?

Although some of us learned French at school or during our professional career, this does not mean that it is impossible to learn French in retirement! In fact, it is never too late to learn French, and mastering this international language offers many advantages for seniors. Between travel, meetings and dynamism, here's why you should take advantage of your retirement to learn French.

Great podcasts to listen for French learners

Podcasts are back! This immersive and fun medium has seen a surge in popularity in the last couple of years and has proven to be a very effective way to learn and practice a language. Here are some of the reasons why.

More books to improve your French level

If you have been following our Instagram account, you know that each week we present resources such as books, series or podcasts, that learners can discover to continue practicing French. Here’s a compilation and quick explanation of the best books that our French teachers have recommended on the past few weeks.

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