How to learn French vocabulary?

In learning French, vocabulary acquisition is essential. The more vocabulary you have the more interesting your conversations in French will be. You'll be able to talk about and express yourself on many topics! However, sometimes this aspect of the language can be a hindrance and it can feel like you're spending a lot of time on it without getting satisfactory results. Fortunately, there are a few tips that everyone can use to make this exercise easier. Here's how to memorize new French words effectively:


One of the main obstacles to memorizing vocabulary is the lack of meaning and context that comes with it. To make learning easier, focus on learning a word in its context rather than in a simple enumerative list. Try to put the different lexical items belonging to the same theme into a short story. This way, each word will make sense by having a place in the story!

Get to the point

If your goal is to acquire enough vocabulary to participate in everyday conversation, don't waste your time accumulating hundreds of words you won't use. Be confident that it is much easier to learn new vocabulary on a solid foundation. Start by familiarizing yourself with the most commonly used words and phrases in French and build on this by practicing as much as possible!

Playful learning

To be effective, learning new vocabulary doesn't have to be an ordeal! To combine progress in French with fun, focus on the vocabulary of subjects that interest you. In addition, don't force yourself to remember too many words per day, and opt for shorter, more spaced out sessions that will give you better results over time.

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