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Real reviews from our students
  • “I took French classes at this school for 6 months. At first, I couldn't even introduce myself properly in French, but gradually I came to understand French. If you finish your homework and have a class with your teacher at least twice a week, I think you can reach your goal in a short time.”

  • “We very much enjoyed the studying with the Swiss French School. The flexibility of the lessons allowed us to progress at our own pace. The tutors were very friendly, helpful and patient and we were always made to feel welcome in the school. The school also provided a good environment for studyin...”

    James Moncur
  • “Great course, it allows to fit all the lessons in a busy schedule.”

    Anna Zaborowska
  • “Excellent teachers display their superb pedagogical expertise to make students understand and acquire the new language in a very dynamic and attractive way. Teaching methodology provides outstanding learning results. Counselors and assistants are always at hand to provide support. I'm absolutel...”

    Miriam A.
  • “Very good school, amaizing team. I recommend it to everyone!”

    Besma E.
  • “I am very happy with the course, nice atmosphere, very easy to progress. ”

    Giulia LUCCONI
  • “I am very satisfied with the facilities of this course. It is the best course i have ever attended in my life. The method is really efficient and useful. I loved the atmosphere that you provided for the students. I am very thankful to the Swiss French School to provide me one month trial. I reall...”

  • “Everything is great. I like the system to learn to do your homeworks bevor the class. The teachers are very helpfoul and kind. I like the socialclub activitys”

    Riccardo Andina
  • “Great school”

    Salva V.
  • “DELF / DALF”

  • “I went through different types of languages schools and methods of learning French in Geneva ( at least 3 another schools). Now I can honestly tell that the Swiss French School is one of the best. The management listens to your suggestions and demands, teachers are excellent, by the end of my stu...”

    Radmilla M.
  • “The Swiss French School program suits me very well. The fact that I can take my courses in a flexible manner falls within my wishes for this reason I have not found a match to SFS. Here, I can comfortably say Excellent.”

    Rosemary M.
  • “I was looking for exactly such an approach to learning French. The workshops are useful and the teaching sessions are rather fun. Rachel is great!!”

    Sampoorna R.
  • “Good system overall, more expensive then many other alternatives and to me the benefit was its flexibility to find a solution to all life / work styles. I must say I find it extremely difficult to book classes on an ongoing basis... as I'm working full time and travelling most of the time, so if ...”

    Idil Y.
  • “Very uncomfortable system with booking classes. It will be perfect if student can be able to have the app where they can schedule their classes by themselves. And if it needed cancel without phone calls, but just using their special app.”

    Luiza A.
  • “The school is great, I find the teachers’ approach very intuitive and clear. I do recomend to offer more “atelier” classes per week, specially directed towards writing composition and conversation”

    Olga C.
  • “I am very happy with the teaching I have received from the Swiss French School and I feel that my level of French, particularly the grammatical structure, has improved significantly since I started my lessons. I was starting with a strong base so I cannot say what they are like for a complete beg...”

    John O.
  • “I'm pretty satisfied with my experience with the teachers and staff at SFS.”

    Bindiya D.
  • “Thank you very much, and I feel very professional education system,very friendly staff and teacher!”

    Tony Z.
  • “It was cool”

    Kata S.
  • “Teachers were good, interactive and interested”

    Frederique S.
  • “All of my comments have allready been stated in both written/verbal communication with the school's staff and thus remain unchanged. Since I have been noticing more effort regarding the organization within the School lately, the rate I gave is higher than I normally would have given.”

    Nika P.
  • “This is such a great way to improve upon my French skills. The teachers are enthusiastic and encouraging. All support staff are friendly, caring and helpful. The classes are fun and I always come away from each one feeling renewed!”

    Grainne A.
  • “Interim”

    Umedjon I.
  • “Sfs”

    Hamish M.
  • “overall very happy with courses offered and progress made but frustrated by difficulty in booking lesson times and workshops/activities given I have limited times when I can study. would prefer for private lessons to be able to express a teacher preference.”

    Wendy M.
  • “Dear SFS Staff. Thank you for valuing your student's feedback. In my experience, I have had a particular professor that was not aligned and understandable of full time professionals schedule and struggles to follow up with all the preparation required by SFS methodology. The professor's lacked pa...”

    Tamara G.
  • “The three French teachers at the Fribourg location are all excellent instructors with each having their own strength in teaching. As a group, an outstanding source of learning. The instructors are amicable and the discussions are current and applicable. Drawback: the schedule is so tight that the...”

    Marie M.
  • “I have learn a lot and I had time for only two weeks despite of I can use the time very good. The teachers are super and they teach very creative and good.”

    Sarah A.
  • “Great!”

    Rodrigo M.
  • “The most understanding and Amazing teachers i have learn more abt them”

    Barbara A.
  • “A very friendly environment with high level of professionalism. The professors makes sure that students understand each lesson and of course attending the workshops really helps to practice not only in grammatical way but also in pronunciation. Not to mention the friendly receptionists who do the...”

    Racene R.
  • “Excellente équipe, compétent et humaine. Merci bien!”

    Paula R.
  • “All the teachers are awesome especially Chloe and Marjorie”

    Annyaka L.
  • “Good service”

    Robert M.
  • “I had excellent time learning French during my stay in Geneva I plan to continue on my next assignment, hopefully shortly,”

    Shubhendu M.
  • “I find the staff of your school always extremely polite and willing to help, accommodating, positive in attitude and demeanor. It was also very important that at first call the course was reshaped according to my needs. Thank you”

    Nina B.
  • “I only had positive experiences with all my interactions at the Swiss French School. Keep it up!”

    Monique (.
  • “Perfect professors, the only minus is price, and having no possibility to do work online at home”

    Tamara K.
  • “It would be good if the classes could be more varied. I think I have done "faire les courses" 3 times. However, all the staff and teachers are great.”

    Karen P.
  • “I have not moor Time, I can’t now into the school :thinking: but I hope, I can make in the next time one new Programm for French. But, I am positive with the school. Thanks”

    Joaquin C.
  • “I really like the course. I only will say that sometimes is frustraiting that there is no option to take a class. For example this week there is nothing available”

    Ivan A.
  • “Unfortunately i don't have much free time to go to the school, but the online program compenses it a lot.”

    Guilherme A.
  • “I think swiss French school will be to help me to learn more on francaise but the big problem is about price of courses really expensive”

    Fisma C.
  • “Die Kurse mit den Lehrern waren sehr abwechslungsreich, interessant und wirklich hilfreich. An dieser Stelle großes Lob an die Lehrer. Die Lernplatform im Internet ist gut. Allerdings fand ich die Themen und die damit zusammenhängenden Vokabeln nicht gut. Das war teilweise sehr praxisfern. Mich ...”

    Dorothee B.
  • “Je suis très content de l'excellent travail de l'école”

    Ana P.
  • “The method is interesting but where I believe to receive real value is when attending the conversation classes. During the conversation classes I can meet and exchange with diversified people with different cultures.”

    Claude O.
  • “The instructors are first rate and thorough. I have signed up for six more months.”

    Christine F.
  • “Very good”

    María G.
  • “I’m very happy with the school although the sign-up system/process is a bit difficult to navigate in terms of getting signed into all the courses you want (regardless of whether you sign up early or not). I feel like it would be easier to have students to this themselves that way if they can’t ma...”

    Brigitte D.
  • “Ok”

    Antonio G.
  • “It was a long process with the visa application but David at SFS was so helpful and quick with response which eased a lot of stress! He’s been amazing! I’m enjoying my classes and am learning consistently, it’s great to notice my progress. Audrey my French teacher is dynamic and engaging and I en...”

    Lacy R.
  • “With an excellent and adaptable program and even better teachers and advisors my french has become indescribably good and i have only words of praise for this school. 😀 If you want to learn French quickly and easily then the Swiss French School is a great choice for you.”

    Tea K.
  • “Great experience improving my French with friendly teachers and staff that personalise your learning experience. A big that you to David Feron for making the sign up process so easy and finding the perfect class catering to my French level.”

    Cyann N.
  • “Excellent school! Great environment! I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Swiss French School in Lausanne.”

    Maria T.
  • “What a school! I loved the programme, the people, the prices and the place with a super convenient location. I would go there again anytime and so should you :)”

    Claudia R.
  • “Great experience improving my French with friendly teachers and staff that personalise your learning experience. A big that you to David Feron for making the sign up process so easy and finding the perfect class catering to my French level.”

    Cyann N.
  • “Amazing system! It makes absolutely much more sense to come prepared to your class, with great and easy grammar explanations from the teachers - I understood way more how to learn French in 2 months than in 4 years back to college! Thanks especially to Ramses Santy who adapted my right individu...”

    Christof R.
  • “I highly recommend this school! My wife took the courses and now has excellent knowledge of French! Thank you for your warm welcome and your professionalism. Best regards.”

    Albion K.
  • “Very happy with the method of this school that allowed me to jump from level b1 to advanced level b2 in 16 hours of private lessons and with their Speexx platform which is very intuitive and efficient for learning languages ​​quickly.”

    Christina W.
  • “Very good atmosphere! I passed my A2 starting from A1!”

    A N
  • “Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value”

    Michele D.
  • “I've been a student in Swiss French School for 1 year. I came to that school with 0 knowledge about French, now I can communicate with the locals from where I'm living.”

    Emmanuel M.
  • “Great lanuage school! Very friendly and helpful if you have any problems. Very effective learning method, would recommend to all who want to learn a new lanuage.”

    Elizabeth G.
  • “I've been studying with the Swiss French School for about 2 months and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality and professional service.”

    Brian O.
  • “Swiss French School was an excellent place to start my french learning journey! The working team there is truly amazing and very professional. I’d like to express my gratitude to the teachers Camille and Anne who were always ready to help or give a good piece of advise cracking this language. Th...”

    Odeta J.
  • “I have started learning French from scratch 2 years ago. Thanks to the Swiss French School in Fribourg and their teachers, especially to Anne (the best teacher in the school), I gained confidence and lost my fear to speak.”

    Veronika F.
  • “I am very much impressed with the level and professionalism of both the course and the staff at the Swiss French School. The lessons are intensive, holistic, of a high quality and the small teacher student ratio allows for personal growth.”

    Maré L.
  • “To anyone who wants to learn French, this is the perfect school. The system which is used is effective, the teachers are dedicated to engaging their students, and the staff are kind and very patient. My experience here was more than I hoped for - 5 stars from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

    Rene J.
  • “Excellent place to study/improve French. Teachers are very professional and helpful. So are receptionists and directors. Great environment!:)”

  • “I love the method. I feel like it's the only method that's worked for years! It's fast-paced, effective, and engaging. I like that I can clearly see the progress that I'm making. I enjoy the preparatory work, and I like the independence of doing it on my own time. The social club is great as w...”

    Rebecca T.
  • “I've been enjoying learning at the Swiss French School for more than a year now. The learning method works best for me - learning at my own pace and interacting with very competent (and patient!) teachers and classmates (who change from one class and workshop to another). The staff are extra n...”

    Jun R. O.
  • “Really happy with my experience here. Their learning method is effective and flexible - a mix of both in-person and remote lessons via zoom is possible with multiple schedule options for your next lessons over each 2 or 3 week period which is great for busy people. As such, you don't always have ...”

    Kevin M.
  • “I really enjoy my clases, I have improved a lot my French skills with a method that is flexible enough and in a great environment at school. Lou’s kindness and attention to detail has made my experience learning French really enjoyable. Thank you very much.”

    Adriana Padilla
  • “Best alternative to learn french, complementary to lessons, hours of social talks. Useful to join nice people and friendship, thanks!”

    Jeanette S.
  • “I am a current student of SFS in Geneva, started back in September 2022. I really like innovative and modern approach. You practice more on speaking and doing online exercises that can be accessed on phone and on a laptop. You dont have those heavy textbooks to carry with you, which is big plus. ...”

    Dilnoza I.
  • “Dedicated staff, teachers and management leaders. Unique methodology and great results.”

    Luiz R.
  • “I spent several months searching for a French school that, above all, would adapt to my work schedules. There is not much attractive offer. I didn't have much faith when I requested information but David Feron took very good care of me and tried to explain the school's methodology in detail. I ju...”

  • “I went to a trial lesson and made the right decision to continue studying. Very high quality and professionally built learning platform. In 3 months of intensive program, I have improved my level of French SIGNIFICANTLY! Removed the language barrier. Teachers support, motivate, individual approac...”

    Elena L.
  • “I was very happy to be a student of this school! I would like to thank all the teachers and stuff of the school, all of them were very warm, encouraging and friendly. The learning methods are really very effective and useful! I highly recommend you this school! ❤️”

    Tekla L.
  • “SFS is a great language learning platform with both friendly, and professional admin and teachers. I recommend SFS to those who want an in-depth, structured language learning experience.”

    Remi M.
  • “Very structured and demanding lessons, and the French teachers are very friendly and helpful. I feel very comfortable in class and get a lot of benefit from it. Thank you. (:”

    Ladina G.
  • “Just finished a long French course with these guys. Made a lot of progress. Enjoyed it. Did it remotely. A few hours online exercises a week + a Zoom session with a tutor at regular time of my choosing. Not cheap but Swiss tax deductible. Recommended.”

    Alisdair B.
  • “I found the didactics of learning the units beforehand and then going to class very good. Needs self-discipline. But you learn faster. The Biel location was practical and had everything you needed.”

    Alfredo P.
  • “Good language school. You learn online as well as on site at school. This combination, even though I was skeptical at first, is a well-functioning way to learn languages. The school offers a wide range of courses, so there are various opportunities to invest more time in learning a language in...”

    Cédric H.
  • “Never thought a school can be this effective and fun at the same time. I started in October knowing absolutely nothing in french. Now, after 4 months I am at level B1 and am able to have conversations comfortably. The teachers, staff and the learning method makes me excited to come to school ever...”

    Marat J.
  • “I am extremely impressed with my time at the Swiss French School. It was an exceptional experience with outstanding teaching techniques, engaging teachers, and a lively, welcoming atmosphere. The reception staff also deserve a word of appreciation for their consistent help and support, significan...”

    Sedreh N.
  • “If you're looking for a French class and you want to get ahead fast, the SFS is the place to go. I started about half a year ago and am really happy with the progress I made. I was onboarded by David, who did a great job helping me setting goals and staying on track. The school uses an "inverted ...”

    Ralf O.
  • “I recommend this school to everyone. The method is very effective. I could appreciate my progress after only few lessons.”

    Vanessa L.
  • “Great program to learn quickly and retain French. Very helpful to prep for FIDE exams. Both in person and on-line makes it convenient to attend. Awesome office and working spaces. Highly recommend!”

    Rod E.
  • “SFS has a very professional, kind, flexible team overseeing the school/programming, and the instructors are very high quality! I have been taking French classes for years with SFS and highly recommend them to others.”

    Nancy P.

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