Finally I can speak with people around me!
"I always thought
French was difficult...
until now !"
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“Why is it that so many people have not been able to master the French language?”

These are the challenges that the Swiss French School method, developped by education experts, will help you overcome.

apprendre anglais avec résultats garantis

“When I read it I understand it, but speaking it…”

Talking is the way to learning

The key is to maximize real speaking time – not only theoretical learning. At Swiss French School you spend most of the time practicing your French. When you attend small classes of up to 5 people, you spend most of the time communicating under the guidance of a mother tongue teacher.

cours anglais illimités

“I’m not good at learning languages !”

Go beyond your fears

Repeat any lesson free of charge until you feel confident and have mastered it. Then come along to a Social Club activity (like breakfast) in French to practice and have fun. Don’t worry! Making mistakes is part of learning and you’ll be supported and encouraged constantly.

cours anglais rapides

“I’d really like to do it, but I don’t have the time to learn a new language…”

French, fast and efficiently

Thanks to a modern and efficient method, it no longer takes years to learn French. Mastering the language is simpler than ever.

cours anglais flexibles

“How can I follow my lessons if my agenda changes all the time…”

Flexible and personalized

21st century learning tools and class schedules that vary from week to week mean FLEXIBILITY to learn.

Petits groups

“How can I learn if there are too many students in one class?”

Learning in small classes

Preparing a lesson in advance at home, at school, in your office or even in the train means you are confident and ready to sepak in small classes (of max. 5 people). No wasted time. Lots of speaking and a great teacher to work with you.

cours anglais motivants

“I’m afraid I will lose motivation along the way…”

A motivated team with a motivating method

Your own dedicated language consultant, professional mother tongue teachers, learning assistans and constant feedback on your progress are all part of our system. It works if you do!

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“Myself or one of my colleagues will be happy to have a short no-obligation chat with you about your level of French and how our unique learning method can help you reach your goals.”

Alexandra Beffre, Educational consultant

« Today I am very happy & thankful to all of the staff, from reception desk to all the professors for helping me out in every step of the way. A special thanks to my language consultant who helped me enroll to all the classes with short notice. THANK YOU SO MUCH.»

Anjali R., Geneva

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