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Professional Coaching

The solution for professionals who know they need to improve their French but don’t have the time or motivation to follow a standard school program.

This method is the most popular among working professionals and executives and is completely personalized to their budget, time availability and objectives.

How it works:

  • A language expert helps you to define how many personal coaching sessions you need to reach your learning objective.
  • You define your availability and we book your lesson with your personal coach(es).
  • On our digital study platform, you prepare as much of the lesson as you can within your available time (it can be as little as 1 hour per week).
  • During a 60-minute coaching session, your coach will consolidate what you have prepared, guide you through what you couldn’t prepare and make time to review specific requests you may have (like vocabulary you need for your workplace).
  • You get access to all our digital resources (such as exercises, videos, tips, etc.) and to workshops and social club activities (which are optional but are great for networking while learning).

Our flipped blended learning method will help you master French faster than ever, but it also requires allocating a certain amount of preparation time that a lot of professionals might not have.

The professional coaching solution offers a perfectly balanced mix of individual coaching and dynamic study using our award-winning interactive tools.

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