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French courses for businesses

In today's world, it is crucial that employers and employees can develop their business skills and benefit from personally and professionally rewarding learning. Thus, learning French remains a key element in the development of new career opportunities. Whether you are an HR manager, developer, or business owner, it is never too late to train yourself and your employees.

The different courses available

The French courses for professionals take into account the individual skill levels of each student. Swiss French School first assesses the training needs and objectives. A preliminary test is carried out before developing the most appropriate training programme for the various employees with a dedicated teacher. Group language courses, based on exchange and conversation, allow you to progress together without difficulty.

If necessary, private or semi-private lessons are also possible to facilitate the achievement of specific personal objectives such as the preparation for an exam. It should be noted that the courses can take place within the company, in a training centre, via the online platform or even via Zoom from home. This allows learners to choose where they want to progress.

Professional French courses, what is the goal?

More than just acquiring solid language skills, professional French courses present a real asset in every field. The training aims to develop mastery of French that goes beyond daily conversations.

Depending on the sector, the primary objective of French business courses will be to acquire effective professional communication skills to communicate clearly in a professional context. Many tasks may require mastery of the French language: writing an email, participating in meetings with French-speaking colleagues, creating reports or materials in French...

Depending on your position, you may need to negotiate contracts, conduct presentations, or participate in job interviews. To cope with these various scenarios, French courses enable you to acquire oral fluency and increased confidence.

Finally, participating in French training in a company allows you to expand your professional opportunities.

A unique and effective method

The French teaching method at Swiss French School centres is unique. It is based on the techniques used by native speakers to learn their mother tongue. It is based on listening and conversation, and places great emphasis on the oral practice of French. In this way, rapid progress can be made, even for beginners. In addition to the lessons given by experienced teachers, a platform is available for online learning.

Swiss French School benefits

With Swiss French School, companies and their employees can count on clear prices and proven results. Depending on the level your employees wish to achieve, a detailed quote will be drawn up to best suit their objectives. In this way, you will be able to benefit from the fairest price for any program.

Opting for the Swiss French School method also means benefiting from unparalleled expertise. Our trainers, qualified and experienced, are dedicated to your success, ensuring exceptional teaching quality at every stage of your learning journey. By choosing Swiss French School, the market leader in language training, you can enable your company to make a significant leap in French proficiency.

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