The 5 reasons why so many people had not mastered French

If you’ve had the project of learning or mastering French for a while, but you feel like you are not good with languages or that you can’t find the time to learn, relax, you are not alone.

As we work to understand and guide our students, we always ask them what they perceived as the reasons why they had not learned or mastered French before.

The most common answers were:

"I'm not good with languages. I have already taken 1 or 2 years of courses and still can't speak with confidence."

"I'm too busy with professional or personal tasks to dedicate enough time to learning."

"It takes too long to learn or master a language."

"It's really hard for me to remain motivated."

"I don't feel comfortable sharing a class with a lot of people (especially given the current circumstances)."

If someone asked you the same question, would you give any of these answers?

If yes, trust us, it's perfectly normal. Recognizing our fears or our lack of motivation is usually the first step on the path to self-growth.

Finding the right way to overcome them is the following one.

Reason #1: I'm not good with languages

Making mistakes is part of learning. Being constantly encouraged and supported makes a huge difference. That can only come when there’s real, personalized interest and constant follow up from the place you are learning at. Mixing classes with social activities (like lunch or movie nights) can also make learning a fun experience you look forward to.

Reason #2: I'm too busy to learn

Availability and motivation are key. Learning centers that offer “flexible” scheduling may only mean having to choose from a couple of class availabilities (e.g. one in the morning and one in the evening). People can easily get discouraged and lose motivation when their conflicting schedules make them miss a lesson and can’t catch up later.

It is vital to have varying dates and times, as well as having the option of retaking any class they might have missed.

Reason #3: It takes too long to learn.

Modern learning solutions have proven that learning a language can be done in months and not years, like in the past. One of them is the "Blended Learning Method".

Reason #4: It's hard to remain motivated.

Students should not be alone when they learn. It is critical that someone interested in learning a language commits to a real program and not just to lessons. That means having dedicated language consultants, professional mother-tongue teachers, and learning assistants following students through their journey and providing constant feedback and motivation.

Reason #5: Too many students in a class

Few things are more demoralizing than feeling pressured to catch up with dozens of other students in the class. Or only getting limited time to speak in class to give a chance to everyone.

Modern solutions, like the Blended Learning Method, are built around small classes (of approx. 1 to 5 students) where students are all at the same level and offer full immersion into the language.


Swiss French School offers these and many other solutions to guarantee that a student can reach their objectives as fast as possible.

This 2023, we invite you to ask yourself why you have not learned or mastered French. Once you have an answer, if you wish so, we will be here to gladly explain how you can go beyond your doubts and learn fast and speak with confidence.

For more information, please call the center most convenient for you or fill out the following contact form. A language expert will be happy to discuss with you, free of any commitment.

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