Our approach is unique, effective and certified for learning French.

Swiss French School uses a unique method to teach you French. It is based on “blended learning”: You listen, you repeat and you practice. Once you have mastered the sounds, you study the grammar, which is an essential element in the French language. This method is guaranteed by contract. Swiss French School endeavours to offer you various opportunities to practice the French language.Click here to discover how our method compares to others and why choosing Swiss French School will help you learn French quickly and efficiently.

Your learning steps

Interactive lessons

Interactive lessons are essential for learning vocabulary and pronunciation. Put in everyday life situations, you learn much more quickly, and you develop listening skills and vocabulary effectively. These exercises are available online and offline instantly from any computer, in our centre, or at home.

Grammar books

Once the interactive lessons have been completed, you are redirected to the Grammar Book exercises. You have to complete different exercises in the grammar and vocabulary which you have learned during your lessons. Then your teacher gives you feedback on your exchange.


Our classes are made up of 1 to 5 students of the same level, which helps you to be comfortable in practising the language. This course is given by a teacher who is a native French speaker, who is a great help to you in improving your pronunciation. Once the “exchange” is finished you have the opportunity to access the next interactive lesson.

Workshops and social clubs

Conversation, or business French. They help you improve in all these areas. They are optional, and you can select them according to your needs and desires. It is still advisable to take one per unit, for faster and better quality learning. They are based on knowledge acquired, and they help you to consolidate it.

The Social Club allows you to improve your French in everyday situations such as breakfast, dinner, a drink, etc. These social activities are organised to bring together interested students in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A student can participate in all of their level’s workshops.

Our method

Our approach helps you optimise your learning. We offer you every possible opportunity to practise the French language.

méthode SFS

Lessons with a teacher

  • Small groups of between 2 and 5 people
  • Talk more than your teacher
  • No wasted lessons
  • Enhance your practical skills

Social club

  • Immerse yourself in the French language
  • Speak French with other students
  • Meet new people and socialise!

Interactive lessons

  • Prepare your lessons at your own pace
  • You benefit from support throughout your learning
  • Talk more than 60% of the time
  • Deepen your new knowledge

flexibilité maximale

Maximum flexibility

Plan your course according to your schedule and your goals. Learn French at your own pace.

cours illimités

Unlimited lessons

Get unlimited access to all our resources and surpass yourself.

résultats garantis

Guaranteed results

We guarantee the achievement of the agreed objective. Also enjoy the free repetition of classes.

aucun cours de perdus

No courses lost

Each course which you cancel or don’t validate is automatically reprogrammed at no additional cost!

Communiquez en français

Learn to communicate

Small classes allow you to have long talk time so that you progress more quickly.

Professeurs de langues maternelle française

Mother tongue teachers

This characteristic offers you high quality teaching. In addition, teachers monitor you throughout your course so that you reach your goal.

Contact Us

“Myself or one of my colleagues will be happy to have a short no-obligation chat with you about your level of French and how our unique learning method can help you reach your goals.”

Alexandra Beffre, Educational consultant

« Today I am very happy & thankful to all of the staff, from reception desk to all the professors for helping me out in every step of the way. A special thanks to my language consultant who helped me enroll to all the classes with short notice. THANK YOU SO MUCH.»

Anjali R., Geneva

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