How to party in French : lexicon to have fun at night

Partying in French

You're in a foreign country! You don't want to be stuck in your hotel all night, it's time to discover what the nightlife has to offer! Whether you want to have a drink with friends or go dancing, you'll need to know some useful vocabulary and phrases to be able to communicate with the staff and the people you meet.

Useful vocabulary for partying in French


Donner une fête : to throw a party Donner une soirée : to host a party Aller à une fête : to go to a party Faire la fête : to party S’amuser : to have fun Étre saoul : to be drunk Fumer : to smoke Fêter/célébrer : to celebrate Passer la nuit dehors : to spend the night out Aller boire un verre : to have a drink

The staff

Un/une capitaine de soirée (l’Ange) : a designated driver (angel) Serveur/serveuse : bartender Le conducteur de taxi : a taxi driver Un videur : a bouncer

The places

un bar: a bar Une boîte de nuit : a club Une station de métro : subway station (US) / an underground station (UK)

The drinks

Une boisson : a drink Une boisson sans alcool : non-alcoholic drink Une pinte : a pint Une demi pinte : half a pint Bière blonde : light ale (UK) / Lager Bière brune : brown ale (UK) / Stout (US)

The party

Une fête : a party Une musique : music Une tenue de soirée : an evening dress Une soirée alcoolisée : a drinking party La gueule de bois : a hangover Une soirée mousse : a foam party Un(e) fêtard(e) : a party animal

Partying in French in a few expressions

There are many ways to party and many places to go. You can go for a drink or go to a club. If you don't drink alcohol or want to avoid drinking too much, you can order non-alcoholic drinks.

Going out for a drink

Many times your evening will start in a bar, so here are some expressions you can use to communicate in a bar.

Tu veux venir avec nous prendre un verre ? → Do you want to come have a drink with us?

Bien sûr, allons boire un coup ! → Sure, let's have a drink!

C’est ma tournée ! → It's on me!

Est-ce que vous servez des boissons sans alcool? → Do you serve non-alcoholic drinks?

Je ne me sens pas bien / je suis bourré. → I don't feel well / I'm drunk.

Qui veut être notre capitaine de soirée, ce soir ? →Who wants to be our designated driver tonight?

Remember, to protect your life and the lives of your loved ones, drink responsibly! Designating an Angel or designated driver, who will not drink all night, can be a good way to protect yourself and others.

Going to the club

On va danser en boîte ? → Are we going clubbing ?

Je sors fumer une cigarette/clope, tu en veux une ? → I'm going out for a cigarette, do you want one ?

Oui, merci/ Non merci, j’ai arrêté de fumer. → Yes, thanks/ No thanks, I quit smoking.

Tu as du feu ? → Have you got a light ?

La musique est trop forte, je sors un instant. → The music is too loud, I'm going out for a second.

After the party

Once the party is over, it's time to go home. There are several ways to do this. Don't forget to wish your friends a good night if they decide to stay and party longer!

Je vais rentrer, amusez-vous bien ! → I'm going home, have fun!

On va prendre un taxi. → We're going to take a cab.

Rentrez bien, bonne soirée ! → Get home safe, good night!

Où est la station de métro la plus proche ? → Where is the nearest subway station / underground station?

Now you know the expressions for partying in French and are ready to have fun! What about the next night out? How about a restaurant to enjoy the local cuisine?

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