Going to a restaurant and ordering food in French

Speaking French at a restaurant

Ordering to eat in French: vocabulary and expressions

Discovering a new country also means discovering its gastronomy! From food trucks to the tables of great restaurants, whatever your destination country, mastering French will undoubtedly be useful. Whether it's ordering your dish, informing the waiter of your allergens or expressing your desire to eat Japanese tonight, discover the French vocabulary words and expressions you need to know in restaurants!

Ordering food: French restaurant vocabulary

  • manger : to eat
  • restaurant : restaurant
  • petit-déjeuner : breakfast
  • déjeuner : lunch
  • le dîner : the dinner
  • collation : snack
  • la carte/le menu : the menu
  • entrée : starter
  • plat principal : main course
  • plat du jour : dish of the day
  • dessert : dessert
  • fromage : cheese
  • hors d'oeuvres : appetizers
  • viande : meat
  • poisson : fish
  • légumes : vegetables
  • pâtes : pasta
  • pain : bread
  • eau de robinet : tap water
  • eau en bouteille : bottled water
  • eau plate : still water
  • eau gazeuse : sparkling water
  • vin : wine
  • le service : the service
  • le serveur : the waiter

At the restaurant: useful phrases in French

Hungry for a bite?

Here are some phrases that will help you express your culinary desires in French!

  • J'ai faim, on peut manger quelque chose ? → I'm hungry, can we get something to eat?

  • J'ai entendu dire que ce nouveau restaurant est vraiment bien, tu veux l'essayer ? → I heard this new restaurant is really good, do you want to try it?

  • Je n'ai pas faim pour l'instant, mais peut-être plus tard ! → I'm not hungry right now, but maybe later!

  • Y'a t'il un bon restaurant Italian dans le quartier? → Is there a good Italian restaurant in the neighborhood?

  • Voulez-vous manger sur place ou à emporter ? → Do you want to eat in or take out?

  • J'ai vraiment envie d'un hamburger maintenant ! → I'm really craving a burger right now!

Ordering at the restaurant in French

A question about a dish, an allergen? Fancy a dessert to finish off a great meal? Use these phrases in French to make it clear to waiters and waitresses!

  • Avez-vous fait votre choix ? → Have you made your choice?

  • Quelqu'un a-t-il pris votre commande ? → Did someone take your order?

  • Pouvons-nous commander ? → Can we order?

  • Puis-je avoir le menu / la carte des desserts / la carte des vins s'il vous plaît? → May I have the menu / the dessert menu / the wine list please?

  • Je vais prendre les fettucine Alfredo s'il vous plaît. → I'll have the fettuccine Alfredo please.

  • En entrée, je prendrai la salade du chef. → For starters, I'll have the chef's salad.

  • Pouvons-nous avoir un pichet d'eau s'il vous plaît? → Can we have a jug of water please?

  • Ce sera tout, merci. → That will be all, thank you.

  • Est-ce que vous servez des plats végétariens ou sans gluten ? → Do you serve vegetarian or gluten-free dishes?

  • Je suis allergique au poisson. Y en a-t-il dans la soupe d'automne ? → I am allergic to fish. Is there any in the autumn soup?

  • Est-il possible de faire recuire le steak ? → Is it possible to have the steak re-cooked?

  • C'était délicieux, merci ! → It was delicious, thank you!

Pay the bill in French

After successfully ordering and enjoying a great meal with your friends, it's time to pay the bill. How much is it and how will you pay? Use these phrases to help you express yourself in French in this situation.

  • La facture, s'il vous plaît. → The bill, please.

  • Combien je vous dois ? → How much do I owe you?

  • Acceptez-vous les cartes de crédit ? → Do you take credit cards?

  • Nous payons ensemble/séparément. → We are paying together/separately.

  • L'addition est pour moi. → The bill is for me.

  • Pouvez-vous diviser l'addition en 4 ? → Can you split the bill into 4?

  • Gardez la monnaie. → Keep the change.

It's your turn! Now all you have to do is go to a restaurant on your next trip abroad to taste the local specialties and practice the different expressions covered in this worksheet.

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