How to improve your French efficiently and easily?

How to improve your French?

Our tips and methods to improve your French

Mastering a language requires regular practice. This is of course true for French, a language of communication that is essential for traveling, working abroad, repetitive internationally, and a considerable asset on a CV. Although French is taught from elementary school onwards, it is often the case that by the end of the school curriculum, students have difficulty speaking spontaneously and correctly in French. The best way to improve your French is to practice the language regularly, even every day. So here are our tips and methods to help you improve your French language skills.

Use online resources

The Internet is a treasure trove of free online resources: vocabulary cards, grammar lessons, online tests or exercises, etc. This is a useful way to help you remember some basic French or useful expressions. However, it is a method that has its limits. Learning French on your own is tedious and requires a lot of dedication, especially since it is difficult to practice your pronunciation or speaking skills. Learning a language is not just about learning grammar or making sentences. It is also about speaking and working on your accent, pronunciation and fluency. This allows you to hold a fluent conversation on simple to complex subjects depending on your level.

Learning with a training center

In order to improve in all aspects (written, oral and comprehension of the language), you must interact with others. Moreover, being monitored and motivated while learning a language is a real stimulant. In order to make learning French more effective and accessible to your level, Wall Street French offers a unique method to optimize your learning of French. By combining language practice and learning with native teachers, you will learn and improve your French quickly and naturally. To find out more about our French language training offers, contact us!

Improve by watching movies and series in their original version

Listening to the language is one of the most effective ways to learn a language. What could be better than watching your series or movies in their original version? It is an excellent exercise to work on your ear, discover accents, improve your pronunciation, enrich your vocabulary and discover everyday expressions. If it seems complicated at first, you can start by putting subtitles in French or French to begin with. This way you can already integrate vocabulary without even realizing it! This method is a bit restrictive at the beginning, the time to get used to reading subtitles and listening to the language, but very easy to adapt.

Improve your French by reading books

If you already have some knowledge of French, you can try reading a book in French. To begin with, prefer a simple work or one that you have already read in French. If you don't understand every word at first - which is perfectly normal - you'll soon realize that you can quickly pick up the essential elements of the story. You don't have to understand every word or phrase to understand the story or the intent of the characters. If, however, you are worried about reading an all-French book and having to endure the exercise instead of enjoying your reading, you can turn to bilingual books where each page is translated on the opposite page. Sometimes a glossary is even available to help you understand certain words or expressions.

Listen to the radio or read the French press to improve your French

If you have a little time on the commute or at breakfast in the morning, you can improve your French by listening to French-language radio online or reading the newspaper online. There are a myriad of them that will give you access to current events around the world. By listening to journalists speak or reading articles, you will learn new expressions, new formulations and a more specialized vocabulary. If the sometimes technical vocabulary of a press article or the accent and speed of a journalist can be disorienting at first, know that the expressions used will often come back to you and you will end up deciphering what you read or reading.

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