Top Romantic Movies to learn French

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, watching films in their original French version is a great idea to improve your French while having fun.

And very few things are better than having fun with that special someone!

If you’re looking for the perfect films that can help you practice your French whilst setting up a romantic mood, look no further!

Our top 5 picks of romantic movies in French:

1. Hors de Prix

Released in 2006, "Priceless" (as it was named in English) tells the story of a beautiful girl who convinces wealthy men to fund her lifestyle. Everything changes when a simple waiter enters her life due to a series of misunderstandings.

Inspired by "Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, this film is considered a cult movie thanks to the funny and “innocent” performances of superstar Audrey Tautou and comedian Gad Elmaleh.

2. Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

"The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain" is the 2nd film in our list that features Audrey Tautou as a leading character. It was, in fact, this film that launched her to international fame.

Released in 2001, this film is considered by many one of the greatest romantic comedies. It won four César Award and was nominated for five Academy Awards (Oscars) in that year.

The film guides us through the whimsical life of Amélie Poulain, a shy waitress who wants to make everyone happy while struggling with her isolated lifestyle. That is until she discovers a mysterious box that leads her to a special someone.

3. L’Arnacoeur

Starring French stars Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis, “Heartbreaker” is definitely on the lighter side of romantic comedies. Released in 2010, this film is a favorite of French-speaking Swiss people.

The film follows the story of Alex, an attractive and charming man who runs a pretty unique business: he is in charge of breaking up relationships by making women fall for him. As things would have it, his world (and business model) gets wrecked when he’s tasked to “seduce” the beautiful Juliette.

4. Prête-moi ta main

Internationally known as "Rent a Wife”, this 2006 film was one of the most successful films in the history of the French box office at the time.

Starring comedian Alain Chabat and star Charlotte Gainsbourg, this romantic comedy follows the simple yet comfortable life of 43-year-old Luis Campos, who is pushed by the G7 (the designed name of his “family council”) to finally meet a woman and get married. Luis has a brilliant idea: “rent” his best friend’s sister, Emma, and make her not show up on their wedding day. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

5. Un bonheur n’arrive jamais seul

The most recent film on our list (released in 2012), “Happiness Never Comes Alone” is also the 2nd entry on this list of hilarious comedian Gad Elmaleh, who is joined in this occasion by superstar Sophie Marceau.

Sacha is a talented jazz pianist that just wants to seduce younger women and take no responsibilities in life. Everything changes the day that he spends one night with Charlotte, a forty-something woman with three children. While they don’t seem to have much in common, life seems to pull them in the same direction.

We hope you’ll enjoy our recommendations (be sure to watch them in their original version!).

Remember that constantly hearing, reading and speaking French will help you progress faster.

If you’re interested in learning how you can master French faster than ever, we invite you to call your most convenient center or contact us via our online form.

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