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Tips to learn French at home

Learn French at home

Many useful activities can be carried out while having to remain at home. If one that interests you is learning French, have a look at some fun and useful tips that will help you practice and improve.

Films and series in their Original Version

Simple initiatives can be implemented to improve your French without having to leave home. One of the most fun is to watch French (or "Swiss-French") shows in their original version. It will allow you to become familiar with the intonation and pronunciation of native speakers. It is also a way to work on your understanding of spoken French.

During your viewings, you will also have the opportunity to learn new words and idiomatic expressions that will enrich your French vocabulary. The films and series in OV allow you to progress step by step, first using subtitles in your native tongue, then in English and finally without subtitles.

Books and newspapers in French

Improving your French also means strengthening your writing skills. As such, it can be very rewarding to try to read French texts as often as possible. Discovering new words, perfecting your spelling and developing a mental mechanism for rapid translation are all assets not to be neglected.

For your reading in French, several solutions are possible. First of all, you can access many classics of French, Belgian or Swiss literature and download them for free on the Project Gutenberg website. In addition, you can visit the online versions of leading French and Swiss newspapers such as Le Monde or LeMatin, which offer a wide range of interesting online content.

Discussions with a native speaker

In order to progress in French, oral practice is essential, and it is even more natural in the form of conversation. Finding a study partner or pen pal can be of great help. Being able to talk to a native French speaker, in current times via Zoom or Skype, is an excellent way to improve your speaking skills.

Thanks to the Internet, it is easy to find people from all over the world who are interested in practicing French. Chat rooms and discussion forums are all great places to meet new people and to regularly contact a person with whom you can exchange ideas each week.

French online courses from home

With that said, there's really no substitute to a certified school to improve your French at home .

By following online classes with Swiss French School, you will be able to benefit from an exclusive method that reproduces the learning process of a mother tongue speaker. With your computer, smartphone or tablet, these courses can be followed via Zoom with a qualified teacher and a mini-group of students. This training allows you to benefit from online exercises, multimedia resources and the support of a certified teaching team.

If you wish to perfect your French during the current confinement, do not hesitate to contact a Swiss French School center. Several formulas adapted to your needs are available for online learning and quality courses with certified teachers.

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