Mastering French to study in Switzerland

Switzerland is known as the home of highly reputed academic institutions, making them a popular destination for students from all over the world.

As shown in the latest ranking presented by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), 8 of the 10 best Hotel Schools in the world are in Switzerland.

Because of this, not only is competition for acceptance high, but requirements by said institutions are stricter than in most countries.

Highly awarded schools like the EPLF, HEP (Haute École Pédagogique) or the Lausanne Hotel School require prospects to possess (and have proof of) a B2 level in French - and sometimes in English or German as well -.

However, mastering a required level of French or preparing for an accepted certificate diploma (like the DELF B2) is not something that can be done in 1 or 2 weeks with simple online lessons or mobile apps.

It requires specialized teachers and learning methods that can immerse students in the French language and that are built with these specific goals in mind.

That is why we invite all students that are thinking of joining an academic institution to do the following:

Be honest

Take a real and precise level evaluation to know what your current level is. Understand how much time could it REALISTICALLY take you to reach a B2/C1 level (you can ask for a full evaluation free of any engagement to one of our language consultants).

Be prepared

Don’t sign up for a French course at the very last moment hoping for a miracle. Years of experience tell us it rarely works.

Be smart

If you need French lessons to be accepted in an "Haute École" or an "École Hôteliere", make sure to choose a school that has a proven record of success in preparing for these situations.

If your goal is to join the HEP, a hotel school or any other academic institution in Switzerland, we encourage you to be prepared in advance and wish you nothing but success!

Swiss French School has been an expert in preparing students that wish to enter the HEP, EPFL or Hotel Schools for more than 10 years.

Our language consultants and teachers are specialists when it comes to school admissions.

Hundreds of students have achieved their goals with our unique, ultra-fast method to learn French and to prepare for the DELF certificate.

If you are thinking of joining a university or Hotel School, we invite you to contact us. A language specialist will be more than glad to help you understand your current level, the requirements to be accepted and how to achieve them. This is of course free of any engagement.

Make sure to call the most convenient school for you or contact us via our online form.

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