Now is the right time to learn online.

Learning online is convenient (especially in current circumstances) and gives you the alternative to control when and where you study. But maybe you don’t like the idea of learning on your own, with just a computer next to you and no one to interact with.

What you want is contact with teachers and students. Getting help from a teacher watching your progress or feeling that someone cares and wants to help you if you find any issues.

Does that exist online? How is that possible?

Yes, and it’s quite simple: you take what’s needed to successfully learn French and add a fun and motivating experience that goes beyond what common learning apps provide.

What you need for successful French learning.

As well as good learning materials (books, multimedia etc.), experts on French learning all agree that you need:

  • To hear a lot of spoken French.
  • To speak a lot of French yourself.
  • A lot of interaction in French with other people.
  • Trained, qualified and helpful teacher.
  • Feedback on your progress from language learning experts.

Now – take everything online and go beyond.

With online learning, it is possible to have the basic things you need to learn French.

What few people know is that it also gives you the opportunity to personalize your learning, have fun while doing it and progress faster than ever.

However, that can only happen when there is a real and full learning method behind your journey, not just some classes from time to time or 5 minutes in front of an app.

A real and proven method, now online.

If you are hesitant about learning French online or if you feel like you need to postpone learning it until after the Covid situation ends, we encourage you to test out the Swiss French School online experience.

On top of receiving everything you need to learn, you get the same experience, with the same support, help and human contact, as in a Swiss French School center. Plus, the ability to start your course when you like and study when you want.

With our online learning method, you get:

  • Unlimited access to Interactive Activities & Digital Workbooks that you can use whenever you like, 24/7.
  • Huge flexibility to choose the date of your lessons with hundreds of available times.
  • Small group lessons (1 to 5 students) in ‘virtual classrooms’ with our trained and qualified teachers.
  • Lots of chances to interact in French with teachers and other students in workshops and social club activities.
  • Follow-up calls on the phone from expert staff to see how you’re doing and if you have any questions.
  • Online advice sessions whenever you need them.
  • And if conditions allow it, you can even take some lessons in school whenever you feel like it, free of any charge!

So you’ll never be alone – except when you want to be!

The current situation has forced many of us to stop doing the things we need to grow. But learning French shouldn’t be one of those things.

You don’t have to wait till September to go back to school. Right now you can learn French online, faster than ever, with all the benefits you can get at a Swiss French School center.

Contact us to find out more about our Online French Courses.

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