The vocabulary of professional cooking in French

In professional kitchens, chefs and kitchen staff communicate daily using a multitude of specific terms to facilitate exchanges at work.

Today, we're sharing the vocabulary of professional cooking in French (technical words, verbs, and example phrases) to help you improve your French!

So if you're passionate about cooking, want to work in Switzerland or in a French-speaking country, or simply want to expand your vocabulary, Swiss French School invites you to discover the vocabulary of professional cooking in French.

Professional cooking in French: essential terms

To start, it's essential to know the vocabulary related to kitchen equipment, utensils, and techniques in French. Learn and memorize these lists of words in French!

Professional kitchen: utensils and furniture in French

Below, find the names of kitchen utensils and furniture in French, which will help you navigate a professional kitchen easily:

English Word French Translation
Mixer Batteur électrique
Peeler Épluche-légumes
Mixing bowl Saladier
Whisk Fouet
Spatula Spatule
Cutting board Planche à découper
Knife, fork, spoon Couteau, fourchette, cuillère
Teaspoon Cuillère à café
Deep fryer Friteuse
Saucepan Casserole
Frying pan Poêle
Fridge Réfrigérateur
(Deep) freezer Congélateur
Pie dish Moule à tarte
Stove Cuisinière
Hood Hotte
Baking paper Papier sulfurisé

Cooking techniques in French

Below, you'll find vocabulary related to different cooking techniques in French:

English Word French Translation
Marinate Mariner
Steam Cuire à la vapeur
Sauté Faire sauter
Braising Braiser
Stew Faire mijoter
Slice Trancher
Boil Bouillir
Dice Découper les aliments en dés
Chop Hacher
Fry Frire
Blend Mélanger

Technical vocabulary of professional cooking in French

Discover the different ways to cook your dishes in French with the vocabulary of cooking techniques:

English Word French Translation
Fold Incorporer délicatement
Plate Dresser sur une assiette
Reduce Réduire
Season Assaisonner
Caramelize Caraméliser
Garnish Garnir
Glaze, deglaze Glacer, déglacer

Professional kitchen roles in French

Below, find the names of existing roles in a professional kitchen in French:

English Word French Translation
Waiter Serveur
Chef Chef cuisinier
Butcher Boucher
Pork butcher Charcutier
Dishwasher Plongeur
Baker Boulanger, pâtissier
Cook Cuisinier, cuisinière
Commis cook Commis de cuisine
Fisherman Pêcheur
Caterer Traiteur
Wine waiter/waitress Sommelier

Common phrases in professional cooking

To correctly use all these terms, here are some common phrases in French.

|English Phrase| French Translation| |I need a saucepan to boil the pasta.|J'ai besoin d'une casserole pour faire bouillir les pâtes.| |Could you pass me the whisk? I need to beat the eggs for the cake batter. | Pourrais-tu me passer le fouet? J'ai besoin de battre les œufs pour la pâte à gâteau.| |The chef is sautéing the vegetables in the frying pan. |Le chef fait sauter les légumes dans la poêle.| |Please chop the onions finely for the salad. |Veuillez hacher finement les oignons pour la salade.| |The waiter is slicing the bread for the next clients. | Le serveur coupe le pain pour les clients suivants.| |Could you put the mixing bowl in the dishwasher please? |Pourriez-vous mettre le saladier dans le lave-vaisselle s'il vous plaît?|

Memorizing and using these terms in conversations with your loved ones will help you make significant progress in French. So, the vocabulary of professional cooking in French holds no secrets for you anymore!

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