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"I was competing for a job position that required excellent French... and I got it! I am sure that the French modules I took at the school made a big difference in the written exam and on the interview, so a big thanks to my language consultant and my teachers!"

Anjali A., Genève

“I think the method is very helpful, specially having the supplementary workshops. What I like the best is that I can do most of the work at home then apply what I’ve learned in class. The method allows me to move at my own pace.”

Nicole, Genève

“Everything is very well thought and organized and this motivated me to study and be very well prepared before the actual lesson. The fact that there aren’t a lot of students in the class and that the teacher can pay attention and dedicate his/her time to each student is great.”

Gina, Genève

“I really like how everyone has a very relaxed attitude in the school. I appreciate working with the interactive online activities and the casual approach that they have on the workshops and social clubs.”

Grainne, Genève

“I like the method very much because it is clear and it focuses on having a lot of conversation, which is very good to learn any language. I also find the lessons are very well structured.”

Cristina, Genève

“I like that this is the first time that I have to prepare myself before going into the lesson. It actually motivates me to work hard to be good in the class. I found very interesting the online platform where I do my exercises.”

Nostaran, Genève

“The method is interesting and enjoyable. It is also practical because it allows you to constantly learn and practice all these new words. I also like the workshops and the “échanges” with my teachers.”

Viktoria, Genève

“I really like having close contact with the management team (for example the Head of Student Services or the Director!) and being able to speak with them. I also like meeting with different people at different levels during the social clubs.”

Evrim, Lausanne

“Because I take private lessons to prepare for the DALF exam, I haven’t experienced the blended method. However, I like how practical the workshops are, the “échanges” I get to do with other students and the relation I have with my teachers.”

Elisabet, Fribourg

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