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Personalised French courses

The Swiss French School method is declined in different types of courses adapted to the level and needs of each student. Whether you are looking for French courses with a teacher, intensive programs, private or semi-private lessons, or online courses, you will find the formula that will allow you to progress step by step.

Standard Course

This teaching takes place in the form of a weekly French course with a teacher, in a small group of students of the same level (maximum 5 people per class). This is the most popular learning method at the Swiss French School centres. It gives you the opportunity to make real progress at your own pace, to work on your own with the online courses and activities and to encourage conversations in French between students. By following the standard French lessons with the SFS method, you can expect to master the language in about 9 to 12 months.

Intensive courses

Intensive lessons are a more intensive program of study, operating at the rate of two lessons per week (with the possibility of taking up to three or four lessons depending on demand). Teachers whose mother tongue is French will help you progress rapidly. Within six months, these group lessons and their online workshops prepare students with an increased emphasis on oral skills. This intensive program is ideal for preparing students for French certifications such as the Cambridge exams. Find out more about our [Intensive French Courses](/French courses/intensive)

Private and semi-private lessons

Lasting 45 minutes, these one-to-one lessons with a teacher give you the opportunity to prepare yourself in a short time for a specific deadline (travel abroad, passing an exam). The one-to-one lessons train you in different French practices, whether for use in the corporate world, integrating a French-speaking school abroad or for refresher courses in school French. Totally personalized, this offer allows you to choose the number of weekly lessons you wish and their schedule. Semi-private courses in small groups are also possible, if you wish to share your lesson with a friend or companion.

Online Courses

If you are unable to travel to one of the existing centres, you can follow your online courses via Skype with your webcam. The teachers are very available and can make you work on your French at home, on the road or at the office at the times that suit you.

Recognised for its excellent results, the Swiss French School method allows you to progress in French whatever formula you choose. It is the best way to [learn French](/learn French) at your own pace, improve your oral skills and take a certified language exam. Find out more about our online French courses

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