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Do you live in Zurich and want to expand your personal and professional opportunities through improving your French? Thanks to our flexible online learning method, Swiss French School allows you to take French courses from the comfort of your home in Zurich. Learn French in a fun, efficient and flexible way thanks to our e-learning platform and the reliability of a recognized training organization. Start your French course today and take advantage of our exclusive online learning method. Receive unlimited access to many teaching resources alongside the knowhow of our qualified native French-speaking teaching team.

Discover our online French course

Our exclusive online French course

Thanks to our flexible online solution, Swiss French School courses can guarantee you:

  • Learn French with no restriction: Learn French whenever and wherever as our online courses can be adapted to your busy schedule. Our French lessons can be taught at the time of your choice whether it be via smartphone, computer, tablet, at home in Zurich or at the office.
  • Exclusive access to our unique learning method: we focus on listening and speaking exercises adapted for all levels of French based on your learning pace and needs.
  • Learn French in your optimal conditions: Our online French courses with a teacher are held with a maximum of 5 people, all within a similar level. Feel comfortable speaking in French with a small group where the teacher is available to answer all of your questions and adapt their teaching style to your needs.
  • 24/7 unlimited access to our teaching resources: we offer a wide range of multimedia content such as online exercises, both written and oral, small tests and other activities to consolidate your knowledge to prepare you for small group or individual lessons.
  • Tailor made support and monitoring throughout your French course: Benefit from our qualified multifaceted teaching team that will provide you guidance and support throughout your journey.

Discover the online French course

Online French courses available in Zurich:

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