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A unique, effective and certified method to learn French

Swiss French School has developed a unique method to learn French like a native: you'll immerse in a cycle of listening, repeating, and practicing to perfect your pronunciation and understanding before diving into grammar. Our method isn't just proven, it's certified!

A flipped blended method to learn French

Our dynamic method combines modern technology with face-to-face teaching, all tailored to your needs and objectives. With 24/7 access to our multimedia platforms, a team of language experts, and mother-tongue certified teachers, you’re guaranteed to succeed.

méthode SFS

Your learning steps

1. Interactive Lessons

Your journey begins with Interactive Lessons, which you can access either in our centers or online. Here you will develop speaking skills and a real-life understanding of the French language. Our multimedia platform makes learning fun with engaging videos and interactive exercises.

2. Digital Books

After your Interactive lessons, reinforce your learning with the Digital Book exercises. These exercises are designed to help you apply the vocabulary you've learned and receive instant feedback to track your progress. At the end of each unit, you'll complete a written exercise, which you'll then review during your Échange (step n.3).

3. Échanges

Our "Échanges" are the core component in our Blended Learning Method. "Échange" at Swiss French School refers to small group sessions led by a French mother-tongue teacher. These one-hour classes, with a maximum of 5 students at the same level, aim to consolidate and clarify what you've learned in the Interactive Lessons and provide feedback on your Digital Book exercises. This setup ensures plenty of speaking practice in each class.

4. Workshops

You have the choice to participate in additional Workshops, where you can join students at your level to enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and speaking skills. These workshops cover various topics such as using the imperfect tense, making professional presentations, finding accommodation, creating a resume/CV, dining out, and more. To optimize your learning experience, it's suggested to attend one Workshop per unit.

5. Social clubs

The Social clubs provide a laid-back setting for you to engage in casual social interactions and apply your French skills in real-life scenarios. They offer valuable practice opportunities and create a comfortable environment where making mistakes, sharing laughs and meeting new people are encouraged. While optional, these Social clubs serve as another tool to help boost your learning journey.

Benefits of Swiss French School's method

  • Small class sizes (max. 5 students)
  • Interactive lessons with digital tools
  • Workshops and social clubs for real-life application
  • Study at your own pace
  • Learn online, in-person, or a mix of both
  • Continuous support throughout your learning
  • Track your progress
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