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Learning French: our language courses in Switzerland

Learning French is essential if you wish to better understand the world around you, boost your professional career, obtain a language certificate for university or school admissions, and it facilitates visa applications in both the French-speaking part of Switzerland and other French-speaking countries.

The Swiss French School method delivers excellent results, thanks to its facilities known for their quality and an exclusive method that places a strong emphasis on spoken language skills.

Regardless of your starting level, you will progress rapidly, day by day, and you will be able to aim for recognized exams in the academic or professional field, such as the DELF or DALF, or even for a proof of language for visa purposes through the FIDE test.

Still uncertain about joining us to finally achieve the French level of your dreams? Here is an overview of the proposed method, as well as the content and operation of the various French courses available.

Our French courses tailored to your needs

The French courses offered at each of our schools in Switzerland come in several forms:

  • You can take standard French courses in groups of 2 to 4 students. Here, you will practice your language comprehension and oral skills through various activities, discussions, and online educational materials.
  • Intensive courses are also available within the Swiss French School method, allowing you to make significant progress in a short time. Flexible schedules are possible to simplify things for you.
  • To dive deeper into specific themes, private (or semi-private) courses can also be chosen. This is a great way to improve quickly and specialize in your chosen areas. If you cannot attend in person, most of the lessons can be taken online, with your teachers directly interacting with you on Skype.

Depending on your goal, you will have the opportunity to choose the appropriate teaching. Do you need general lessons or business-oriented courses? Are you looking for targeted learning to prepare for a test or exam? With Swiss French School, the most effective resources are mobilized to offer you the best results.

Do you want to learn French in a straightforward, structured, and relaxed way? In that case, do not hesitate to contact the nearest Swiss French School to enroll in a French course tailored to your needs.

What method is used for learning French?

The method implemented by Swiss French School involves replicating the learning techniques used for a native language. This means listening carefully, followed by repetition and practice. The knowledge of sound comes first, followed by grammar study. This method has proven to be successful, with positive results observed.

The lessons come in four different ways:

  • Preparation for French lessons: Before your lesson with a teacher, you must follow online lessons and exercises using various materials (online videos, texts and newspaper articles, audio files, etc.). These educational materials allow you to prepare for each lesson, improve your pronunciation, enrich your vocabulary, familiarize yourself with words, expressions, accents, as well as grammar rules.
  • Evaluation exercises: Each online lesson ends with a series of exercises that will be corrected by your teacher before your "échange," which is your French lesson.
  • General courses: They take place in small groups of 2 to 4 students max. The teacher encourages everyone to speak and corrects your accent.
  • Workshops: These are supplementary courses on thematic subjects or offering an approach to a specific area (current events, grammar, business French, etc.).

Learn more about our French learning method.

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The Swiss French School advantages

  • Study wherever you want and at your own pace
  • Reach your goals faster thanks to our method
  • Take part in our workshops and social clubs
  • Benefit from efficient services to help you integrate the Swiss daily life
  • Consolidate your communication skills through our workshops
  • Start at the right level, thanks to our placement test
  • Benefit from the guidance of mother tongue teachers and consultants

What are some financing options for my French training?

Swiss French School courses are eligible for various financial assistance programs. You can benefit from the Chèque Annuel de Formation (CAF), a state aid of up to CHF 500. You can also take your French courses through Temptraining if you are a temporary worker.

To learn about all the financing solutions for your French training, visit the Financing page.

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