Why consider staying with a host family to learn French? All the advantages

Traveling alone can be challenging at times

You've finally made the decision to embark on a solo journey. However, as it becomes more real, you might find yourself asking questions like: "What if I don't meet anyone there?" "What if I get lost?" "What if I miss out on the best experiences because I'm not a local?"

Traveling alone into an unfamiliar country comes with its challenges—cultural differences, language barriers, and unfamiliar codes. Whether it's you or your child, fears and uncertainties can arise. Instead of letting these concerns occupy your mind, consider the solution we have for you: What if you choose to stay with a host family? This type of stay is ideal as it allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and language for several weeks, ensuring rapid and lasting progress in both French language acquisition and integration into local culture.

The advantages of choosing a host family

By choosing to stay with a host family in a French-speaking country, you're already eliminating some potential obstacles that may have seemed overwhelming until now.

You've probably heard the phrase "Home away from home." Well, that's precisely what it feels like in a host family. Whether you're a child, a young person, or an adult, the familial environment is reassuring, regardless of where you come from. There will always be someone to talk to when you're feeling homesick, someone to answer your questions when in doubt, and someone to seek advice from.

While independence is crucial for learning a language, having the support of local people is a definite advantage. The connections you'll form with members of your host family can last a lifetime.

During your stay, and depending on the arrangement, your host family may even provide you with private French lessons. A real opportunity!

Daily progress in French

One of the primary objectives of a language stay is to improve your skills in the local language, in this case, French. Even if traveling alone already exposes you to more conversation, joining a host family ensures that learning becomes a daily routine. Living with locals is genuinely one of the most effective ways to pick up French.

Why? Because in the comfort of a home, throughout your stay, you'll be immersed in French/Swiss culture alongside native French speakers. Through daily conversations, shared meals, and joint activities, your listening comprehension and your ability to respond in French will significantly improve.

Plus, the more you engage with native speakers, the more you'll pick up words and expressions used in specific contexts—something you likely wouldn't be able to in a traditional French lesson.

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