Senior: why learn French in retirement?

Seniors: the benefits of learning French in retirement

Although some of us learned French at school or during our professional career, this does not mean that it is impossible to learn French in retirement! In fact, it is never too late to learn French, and mastering this international language offers many advantages for seniors. Between travel, meetings and dynamism, here's why you should take advantage of your retirement to learn French.

Why take French classes when you're a senior?

French for travelling in retirement

For seniors, retirement is an invitation to travel. As an official language in 29 countries around the world, French is a language of choice for travelling. Whether it's buying souvenirs, finding a taxi or meeting new people, French is your ally.

And if travelling allows you to see new landscapes, it is also an opportunity to exchange and share with people from different backgrounds. These wonderful discoveries and encounters will be facilitated by a good command of French.

French courses for seniors open doors to many French-speaking cities and countries where it is good to retire.

Learn French to be a dynamic senior

Do you ever feel like you're going in circles when you're retired? Some seniors have a hard time living in retirement, and for them, loneliness is quickly felt. The solution? Take on new challenges! To stay active as a senior citizen, you can opt for voluntary work, a sporting activity or even a French course for retired people!

In the same way that physical activity keeps you healthy, a senior French course will allow you to work on your mind while working at your own pace. By learning French, you are setting yourself an achievable and stimulating challenge.

Because retirement does not mean idleness, your brain still needs to be active. Learning a language is a great way to stimulate your neurons to keep your mind sharp at any age. Through learning vocabulary and grammar, you'll work on your brainpower while discovering a new culture.

But which senior French course should you choose? How do these courses help seniors in their daily lives?

French courses for seniors at Swiss French School

If learning French as a senior citizen has many advantages, it is still necessary to find a learning method adapted to your rhythm and your objectives. By choosing a French course designed for retired people, you will feel understood and be more inclined to progress.

At Swiss French School, we offer French courses that are modelled on learning a native language. The aim is to devote as much time as possible to speaking and listening, to learn French as native speakers do: through exchange and discussion. With 65% of the course time devoted to speaking and listening and only 35% to theory, you will quickly notice your progress in French.

You will be immersed in a French-speaking environment for an even more effective and rapid learning of French.

The Swiss French School method is 2.5 times faster than traditional methods and guarantees 97% success per contract. As these French courses for seniors are centred around speaking, you will not see the time pass, and will quickly notice the results.

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