How to learn French effortlessly?

Is it possible to learn French without effort?

Is it possible to learn French without effort? The answer is yes, or almost! For a large part of the English-speaking population, learning French is associated with school teaching methods that are too theoretical, boring and not very connected to the real conditions of language practice. While learning a language obviously requires a bit of effort, it can be done in a fluid, spontaneous and natural way. Here are our tips for learning French effortlessly, or almost!

A new method to learn French easily

The academic teaching of French has left bad memories and often a few gaps for former students. And for good reason, French is a living language, meant to be learned by practicing. That's how you learned English, right?

French is a noble language and our Swiss French School has developed a unique method which draws its inspiration from the learning process of the mother tongue. This method, focused on oral expression, allows students of all ages and levels to progress rapidly through a multitude of exercises and fun activities.

The pace and program of the course are adapted to your constraints and your starting level to allow you to progress at your own pace, without being put off. The only "effort" you will have to make to reach your goals? Respect the pace of training that has been agreed with you!

Learn French effortlessly every day

Let's face it: there is no substitute for formal French language training, but it is possible to accelerate your progress considerably by putting in place a few good habits that are not too restrictive. It is up to you to invite French into your life. Whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced, the more you are exposed to the language, the better you will understand its mechanisms, accents, intonations and pronunciation. There are several ways to do this:

  • Read in French: books, of course, but not necessarily! It can also be articles or posts on social networks.
  • Read the lyrics of your favorite French songs: you already have the feeling you know the yoghurt version of the song on your fingertips, but you'll probably get a lot of satisfaction from putting real words to this beloved tune.
  • Subscribe to podcasts or YouTube channels in French: choose subjects you are passionate about and don't worry if you don't understand everything at first. Your curiosity and perseverance will be excellent engines to make you progress quickly!
  • Watch your Fench movies and series in VOST, starting with English subtitles, then switching to French subtitles when you feel ready.
  • Write down new French words and expressions you hear: get a notebook and write down any new vocabulary you come across, along with its translation and context. I promise, this little trick works wonders!
  • Speaking with native French speakers : if the most efficient way is to practice French with native speakers who live in Switzerland or travel to a French-speaking country to train, so don't be shy !

In conclusion, it is possible to learn French without effort when learning becomes a pleasure! Vary the materials, accept making mistakes and not become bilingual in a flash: this is our recipe to master French without difficulty.

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