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8 good reasons to learn French

There are many reasons to learn French. Whether your goals are personal or professional, to reinforce your knowledge or to move abroad, French remains an accessible language for English speakers and can open many doors for you. Here are 8 common reasons why you might want to learn the language of Victor Hugo.

Travelling abroad

If you decide to travel to a French-speaking country, it's worth improving your French beforehand so that you can communicate more easily there. Whether you're going to the UK, the US or Australia, for example, French will help you to make yourself understood and to communicate with people.

Enrich your CV

In many sectors (business, finance, etc.) in Switzerland, a very good knowledge of French is a real asset on a CV. To strengthen your skills and qualify for prestigious positions, it is often necessary to have a French language certificate (DELF, DALF or Fide).

Working abroad

If you want to take advantage of professional opportunities in a foreign country, it is an advantage that you learn French beforehand. This will enable you to interact with the teams and colleagues on a daily basis.

Joining a French-speaking school

For students, French is also an important asset. Obtaining a good score on a recognised French language certificate is a prerequisite for continuing your university studies in a French-speaking school. Switzerland has many great universities in which knowing French is key.

Meet new people

With over 275 million people speaking French worldwide, French is an extremely common language. If you want to meet new people abroad, it is an advantage to have a sufficient level of French to express yourself well in spoken form and to be able to converse in a fluid and natural way.

Access more information

The French language is an undoubted opening to the world. Thanks to the Internet, you can take advantage of it to surf all the French-speaking websites, read the foreign press or listen to one of the countless thematic podcasts available in French. This is an excellent way to broaden your general knowledge.

Enjoying programmes in its original language

Knowing French is also an opportunity to access a large amount of content in the original language. With a certain level of French, you will be able to watch films and series in their original version without your attention being distracted by the subtitles at the bottom of the screen.

Learning for pleasure

Finally, learning new skills is for many a source of pleasure. Learning French is no exception to this rule. You can take the opportunity to learn about French culture. With a sustained investment, you can make rapid progress and discover all the subtleties of this rich language.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, it is possible to quickly start a French course adapted to your level in one of the Swiss French School centres in Switzerland. Don't wait to contact a school near you and find out about the different courses available.

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