5 advantages of learning French online

Online language courses: 5 advantages

With Swiss French School, there are relevant solutions for learning French online. Without having to leave your home, you will be able to progress step by step by benefiting from the expertise of certified teachers and the numerous online resources at your disposal.

Distance learning: A practical and flexible solution

Taking French courses online is above all a very practical option to study in all conditions. There is no need to travel to a Swiss French School's learning centerl: from home or on the road, you will be able to follow many adapted lessons. To do this, the online learning offered is accessible via "Digital Classrooms" on platforms such as Skype or Zoom, where you will be taught by native French-speaking teachers.

Numerous online resources available at any time

Swiss French School training centres are not limited to physical schools. A whole area of activity focuses on learning French online. To this end, resources suitable for home-based courses are made available for students. A whole training program awaits you in your online interface; viewing videos in French, exercises and quizzes which will be very useful for you to progress in grammar as well as in vocabulary. In addition, before each online class with your teacher, you will have the opportunity to take an online test beforehand to note your progress and your mastery of the different lessons. Ideal for training at home, at any time!

Lessons adapted to each person's level

Another important advantage of distance learning with Swiss French School is that you can be sure that you are taking lessons that correspond to your level. Based on your progression, online courses are tailored to your needs and you will always find yourself with students that are at the same level as you. You will have the choice between many courses, including intensive courses, one-to-one lessons with a teacher via Skype or preparation for certificates.

A proven method

Taking distance learning courses with Swiss French School is first and foremost a unique method whose effectiveness has been proven. Swiss French School offers teaching based on learning French as anyone would learn their native language. Constant listening, repetition and mastery of sounds form the basis of this teaching. Then comes the grammar and vocabulary, for a step-by-step learning process that will ensure real progress in French.

The best teachers at your service

You can be assured that your courses will be taught by certified and French mother-tongue teachers. If you are looking to prepare for a recognized diploma certificate such as DELF or DALF, all Swiss French School teachers are certified and motivated to help you succeed. Swiss French School centers take great care in the composition of their teaching staff to ensure that you learn as well as possible.

Do you want to start an online course and make quick progress in French? Don't wait any longer to contact your nearest Swiss French School centre in Switzerland. Courses adapted to your level and objectives are available.

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