How to place an order in French

How to place an order in French?

If you are traveling to a foreign country or making a purchase on an French-speaking website, you will need to know how to place an order in French, or risk of finding some differences between what you thought you were asking for and what you receive! In this fact sheet, you will find some useful words and expressions for placing an order in French, in a restaurant or on the Internet.

How do you say "place an order" in French?

  • In French, "to place an order" is "passer une commande".

Example :

Je n'ai pas encore reçu mes chaussures alors que j'ai passé une commande il y a deux semaines." → "I haven't received my shoes yet, although I placed an order two weeks ago."

  • The verb "to order" translates to "commander" .


“Excusez-moi, j'ai commandé une gaufre au sucre et non au chocolat.” → "Excuse me, I ordered a sugar waffle, not a chocolate one."

Placing an order in a restaurant in French.

Whether you're giving your order to the waiter or ordering a meal over the phone in French, help yourself with these few words and phrases to express yourself:

  • entrée : starters
  • plat principal : main course
  • dessert : dessert
  • boisson: drink
  • menu : menu
  • à partager : to share
  • viande : meat
  • poisson : fish
  • légumes : vegetables
  • salades : salads

“Je vais prendre le risotto.” → "I'll have the risotto."

“Pourrais-je avoir le steak frites s’il vous plaît ?” → "Could I have the steak and fries please?"

“Avez-vous des options végétariennes ?” → "Do you have any vegetarian options?"

“Puis-je avoir la tarte aux noix de pécan sans la glace s’il vous plaît ?” → "Can I have the pecan pie without ice cream please?"

“Je vais prendre le sandwich au poulet avec un supplément guacamole.” → "I'll have the chicken sandwich with extra guacamole."

Placing an order on the Internet in French

While many websites have a French version, not all do! When shopping online, it's best to know a few basic vocabulary words in French to make sure you don't make a mistake when ordering.

  • cart / shopping cart : panier
  • add to bag / add to cart : ajouter au panier
  • view cart : voir le panier
  • checkout : passer à la caisse
  • total : total
  • sub-total : sub-total
  • payment : payment
  • reduction : discount
  • coupon / voucher : coupon de réduction
  • gift card : carte cadeau
  • fee : frais
  • shipping costs : frais de livraison
  • (free) delivery / shipping : livraison (gratuite)
  • item : article
  • shipping method : méthode de livraison / d’expédition
  • delivery date : date de livraison
  • delivery status : statut de la livraison
  • receipt : reçu (facture)

Keep this fact sheet handy for your next online order or restaurant dinner! To go further, discover how to shop in French.

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