Days of the week in French

When you are new to the French language, the days of the week are part of the first vocabulary to learn.

Names of days in French

  • Lundi - Monday
  • Mardi - Tuesday
  • Mercredi - Wednesday
  • Jeudi - Thursday
  • Vendredi - Friday
  • Samedi - Saturday
  • Dimanche - Sunday

Time markers

If knowing the days of the week is essential, time markers are just as important to make you understand and express yourself by referring to a given period or moment.

Here is a list of time markers to learn:

French Time Marker French Translation
Hier Yesterday
Lundi dernier Last Monday
Semaine dernière Last week
Le mois dernier Last month
L’année dernière Last year
Avant Before
Maintenant Now
En ce moment Currently
Aujourd'hui Today
Bientôt Soon
Demain Tomorrow
Dans quelques jours In a few days
Dans un mois In a month
Dans un an In a year
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