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La Chaux-de-Fonds

Convenientemente localizada no centro da cidade de La Chaux-de-Fonds, mesmo ao lado da estação de comboios e de todos os transportes públicos.


Wall Street English La Chaux-de-Fonds
Avenue Léopold-Robert 65, La Chaux-de-Fonds, 2300, Suíça

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T: 0327251820

Cursos de francês disponíveis en La Chaux-de-Fonds

  • Curso de Francês Flexível: Todos os níveis - Comece quando quiser - Estude quando quiser, ao seu próprio ritmo - Repita lições gratuitamente - Desfrute de atividades sociais
  • Curso Intensivo de Francês: Estude entre a 8 e 25 horas por semana, de acordo com a sua disponibilidade
  • Curso de Francês online: Fale francês desde o início do seu curso - Aprenda a partir do conforto da sua própria casa
  • Curso de francês para crianças e adolescentes
  • Aulas de francês particulares: Nós adaptamos os conteúdos do curso às suas necessidades específicas
  • Curso de Francês Empresarial: Workshops estruturados para profissionais da área dos negócios Preparação
  • Para certificados em francês: Passe no exame DELF e DALF
  • Cursos de Francês para empresas: Cursos para grupos - Cursos particulares - Coaching para Executivos
James Moncur
Star Star Star Star Star
We very much enjoyed the studying with the Swiss French School. The flexibility of the lessons allowed us to progress at our own pace. The tutors were very friendly, helpful and patient and we were always made to feel welcome in the school. The school also provided a good environment for studying. We did not make a lot of use of the grammar workshops but found the weekly breakfasts most enjoyable and useful. Covid-19 did have an impact on the course both on us personally as we both got sick and on the school as the breakfasts had to be stopped and the teaching moved to Zoom. Our time lost being sick was very kindly made up by a free extension to our package. We started with the Rosetta Stone software and moved to Speexx and Moodle when this was introduced. Rosetta Stone and Speexx we found easy to use and helpful but Moodle seems awkward and time consuming. Overall a very positive experience and thanks to all at the Swiss French School.
Anna Zaborowska
Star Star Star Star Star
Great course, it allows to fit all the lessons in a busy schedule.
Miriam A.
Star Star Star Star Star
Excellent teachers display their superb pedagogical expertise to make students understand and acquire the new language in a very dynamic and attractive way. Teaching methodology provides outstanding learning results. Counselors and assistants are always at hand to provide support. I'm absolutely happy with the command of the French language I've acquired at the Swiss French School.
Besma E.
Star Star Star Star Star
Very good school, amaizing team. I recommend it to everyone!
Star Star Star Star Star
I am very happy with the course, nice atmosphere, very easy to progress.
Star Star Star Star Star
I am very satisfied with the facilities of this course. It is the best course i have ever attended in my life. The method is really efficient and useful. I loved the atmosphere that you provided for the students. I am very thankful to the Swiss French School to provide me one month trial. I really appreciate it. In one month, i really feel the difference. Now, i am more willing to learn and try to speak french.
Riccardo Andina
Star Star Star Star Star
Everything is great. I like the system to learn to do your homeworks bevor the class. The teachers are very helpfoul and kind. I like the socialclub activitys
Salva V.
Star Star Star Star Star
Great school
Star Star Star Star Star
Radmilla M.
Star Star Star Star Star
I went through different types of languages schools and methods of learning French in Geneva ( at least 3 another schools). Now I can honestly tell that the Swiss French School is one of the best. The management listens to your suggestions and demands, teachers are excellent, by the end of my study i felt like at home. If you are looking for a long term and good learning of French , then go for it. I would recommend only this school.
Rosemary M.
Star Star Star Star Star
The Swiss French School program suits me very well. The fact that I can take my courses in a flexible manner falls within my wishes for this reason I have not found a match to SFS. Here, I can comfortably say Excellent.
Sampoorna R.
Star Star Star Star Star
I was looking for exactly such an approach to learning French. The workshops are useful and the teaching sessions are rather fun. Rachel is great!!
Idil Y.
Star Star Star Star Star
Good system overall, more expensive then many other alternatives and to me the benefit was its flexibility to find a solution to all life / work styles. I must say I find it extremely difficult to book classes on an ongoing basis... as I'm working full time and travelling most of the time, so if you miss Thursday mornings its very likely you'll miss a few weeks... which is not ideal. So SFS promise of offering flexibility for all life/ working styles is not fully delivered. This is my second enrollment and I'm seriously thinking not to continue after this one finishes- thanks and kind regards
Luiza A.
Star Star Star Star Star
Very uncomfortable system with booking classes. It will be perfect if student can be able to have the app where they can schedule their classes by themselves. And if it needed cancel without phone calls, but just using their special app.
Olga C.
Star Star Star Star Star
The school is great, I find the teachers’ approach very intuitive and clear. I do recomend to offer more “atelier” classes per week, specially directed towards writing composition and conversation
John O.
Star Star Star Star Star
I am very happy with the teaching I have received from the Swiss French School and I feel that my level of French, particularly the grammatical structure, has improved significantly since I started my lessons. I was starting with a strong base so I cannot say what they are like for a complete beginner. The best thing that I have found with the school is the quality of the teaching itself. The small class size (never more than 3, regularly just me) means you get plenty of time to discuss around the topics rather than just follow a rote timetable and the teachers are very friendly and approachable. The workshops are also very helpful, albeit they are usually a lot busier, and the social events get rave reviews (although I have been unable to attend one myself.) If you book in advance, the flexibility around the lessons is also very helpful. So, what stops it from getting five stars? Firstly, it is relatively expensive, so therefore would be expected to offer more than a cheaper alternative. The main other drawbacks for me are the quality of the on-line material is not quite there. I rarely felt like I was learning when completing a lot of these exercises and the system had some simple flaws. Finally, because the school is very busy, if you need to rearrange a class or re-take a level, then it can be very difficult to find a space in the immediate week or two, particularly if, like me, you were studying after work. However, overall I was very happy and have continued with SFS to take me to my DELF exam in June, so I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Bindiya D.
Star Star Star Star Star
I'm pretty satisfied with my experience with the teachers and staff at SFS.
Tony Z.
Star Star Star Star Star
Thank you very much, and I feel very professional education system,very friendly staff and teacher!
Kata S.
Star Star Star Star Star
It was cool
Frederique S.
Star Star Star Star Star
Teachers were good, interactive and interested
Nika P.
Star Star Star Star Star
All of my comments have allready been stated in both written/verbal communication with the school's staff and thus remain unchanged. Since I have been noticing more effort regarding the organization within the School lately, the rate I gave is higher than I normally would have given.
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