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The best learning solution for your business

In these complicated times,it is crucial that employers and employees remain motivated and ready to use their time efficiently. Although circumstances seem to have changed, learning French remains a key element in developing new professional opportunities.

Fortunately, Swiss French School is, and has been for almost 10 years, a specialist in online learning and thus, have quickly and efficiently transferred EVERY learning solution and service to our online platforms and virtual classrooms! Thousands of students are now learning online with us everyday.

Each participant is individually tested to allow us to determine current knowledge in French and subsequently to establish an educational programme tailored to his personal needs. Your employees can start the course at any time, as soon as their work schedule permits it.

Personalized courses to reach your objectives

English courses for professionals take into account the individual levels of proficiency of each person. An evaluation test is carried out before developing the most suitable training program for different employees. Group courses, based on exchange and conversation, allow to progress together without difficulty. If necessary, private or semi-private courses can also be arranged to help achieve specific personal goals such as preparing for an exam.

The fastest method to learn French

The Swiss French School learning method is unique. It is based on the techniques used by native speakers when they learn their mother tongue. Based on listening and then speaking, it gives a large part to the practice of spoken French. In doing so, it allows for rapid progress, even for beginners.

The perfect partner to meet your objectives

With Swiss French School, companies can count on clear pricing and proven results. Depending on the level your employees wish to reach, a detailed quote will be established to best suit their objectives. In this way, you will be able to benefit from the fairest price for any program. Our certified, mother-tongue teachers will help professionals meet every objective and clear reporting, along personalized follow ups, shows the ROI for a company in a clear and precise way.

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